The Sandwich method: Real Time Marketing in 3 simple steps

Tom Cruise in Minority ReportEven not being aware of it, Real Time marketing has been the Holy Grail of every CMO since the paleolithic. Being able to communicate the right message, at the right moment, in the right place (or channel) to the right consumer, and deciding so in real-time, based on past and recent behaviors and a number of attributes, is the ideal way of maximize the effectiveness of our marketing investments. There are some technologies and strategies that make this fully possible today. Hungry for a Sandwich?

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El reto de sistematizar la humanización de las marcas

Es curioso cómo las tendencias nos arrollan a los profesionales del marketing. Pareciera que tenemos la necesidad de ir siempre un paso por delante de nuestros clientes creando e hinchando, cual burbujas, conceptos sobre los cuales asegurar nuestra propia supervivencia profesional.

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