The future of social media, depicted a century ago.

Social Media IconsIn February 2014, Facebook will celebrate their 10th anniversary. In 2004 some Harvard students created one of today’s most impressive internet company. Could anybody imagine at that time how it would change people’s lives? In the constant change environment we live, 10 years is a lot of time. Can we predict the future of social media? Maybe the answer is there since 1922.
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6 team changes to reshape the agency model.

The AvengersI was recently reflecting on the role of the new CMO, and it seemed to look like a super hero. But as in any organization, super heroes don’t work alone. They have to have a strong team of specialized superheros, internally and externally. It’s very usual for CMOs to use Marketing and Advertising agencies in order to delivery part of the work, from the strategy to the creative and execution.

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